Power Stroke’s Motive To protect precious lives from aquatic disasters.

Our Aspiration and Our Mission

Protecting lives from aquatic disasters.

We aspire to create a society where aquatic disaster trainings are conducted as often as earthquake evacuation trainings at schools and other public establishments.

Making the Aquatic Disaster Training the new norm.

Implementing Aquatic Disaster Training on Disaster Prevention Day

In order to be prepared for aquatic disasters, it is important to practice the disaster training regularly, so that if the disaster would occur, you can put your knowledge to use calmly. At Power Stroke, we aim to implement “Aquatic Disaster Training” in schools, companies, and other local establishments and spread the knowledge nationally and globally. To do this, we work passionately on the creation of aquatic disaster training curriculum, education, and tutelage of Clothed Swimming Instructors.

Through training, you can protect your life from water-related accidents.

to protect yourself from aquatic disasters

Due to the impact of climate change, there has been an increase in aquatic disasters such as heavy rainfall, floods, and repetitive hurricanes. There are major disasters that happen annually and lives are lost due to it.
By experiencing the aquatic disaster training, there will be a big difference in what you can do proactively during such disasters.

To Prevent water-related accidents.

Protecting our lives through clothed swimming

Natural disasters are not the only form of water-related accidents.
On vacations and camps, there are many cases where lives are lost in rivers, oceans, and lakes.
By learning clothed swimming, there are lives that can be protected during unexpected accidents.

See the Statistics

Every year, many accidents occur in lakes, rivers and oceans and lives are lost.

In fact, majority of the water-related accidents occur when people are playing in the water in oceans and rivers.

水難者 うち死亡者人数(過去3年)

That’s why we want you to know about Clothed Swimming

At Power Stroke, we strive to expand the awareness of Clothed Swimming as a tool to protect lives during water-related accidents and natural disasters.
We also work passionately to spread the knowledge through cultivation of Clothed Swimming Instructors.

What is Clothed Swimming?

The most important factors in Clothed Swimming are
“Stay calm, float, and wait.”

Taking advantage of being clothed.

Clothed Swimming is a technique used when there is an accidental fall into a body of water, by floating and waiting for to be evacuated without panic.
Even to an experienced swimmer, swimming clothed will prevent them from swimming as they normally would. Because of this, often people fall in the state of panic, loosing body strength faster, leading to fatal outcomes.
By taking the opportunity of clothed swimming, participants are able to learn how to move efficiently and float as long as they could so that they can be evacuated.

About Clothed Swimming Training

Cases where your life can be saved by learning Clothed Swimming.

When you cannot move freely due to the weight of your wet clothes.

When the clothes are wet, they become heavier than expected. Heaviness added with the water pressure, it becomes extremely difficult to swim, often causing a state of panic. By learning clothed swimming, students are able to move most efficiently without panicking.

When water gets in your mouth and cannot breathe properly.

People often try to raise their hands in order to call for help, but this causes the body to sink, making them difficult to breathe. Clothed Swimming includes a training to call for help in an effective and calm way, while making sure that they are able to breathe properly.

Not being able to call for help due to falling in a state of panic.

When a person is in a state of panic, they may scream or move excessively, causing them to lose strength quickly and ineffectively.
By learning Clothed Swimming, they will be able to call for help calmly.

About the Clothed Swimming Instructor Training Program.


We have been spreading the techniques and knowledge of clothed swimming for over 20 years.

To have the awareness of aquatic disaster training on our day to day lives.

At Power Stroke, we have created a Clothed Swimming Instructor Training Program based on our 20-year experience. The program is focused on mastering “clothed swimming technique” and “instruction skills.”
In our program, we answer questions like “how do we teach clothed swimming?” and “what should the instructors be mindful of?” We aim to spread our knowledge and experience nationally by investing our knowledge to the future generations.


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We want to protect precious lives from water-related accidents.

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