About Clothed Swimming

Is it difficult to swim with clothes on?

When you enter the water with your clothes on, the clothes will attach to your body and your movement will become limited. Added to this, clothes will soak up the water, making it very heavy.

What is clothed swimming?

Clothed swimming is a training method that practices moving and floating in the water with clothes on. This training is to protect your own life during an aquatic disaster. Power Stroke utilyzes Tatsuki Curriculum, which has cultivated the training program for more than 20 years. For those who cannot swim or has a hard time swimming, it is difficult to continue swimming for minutes, even seconds. However, with Tatsuki Curriculum, those without any swimming experience can learn how to survive. Clothed Swimming is a program that helps you save your own life.

About Power Stroke

What kind of organization is Power Stroke?

Power Stroke strives to achieve the following two goals.

  1. Spreading Aquatic Disaster Training
    With global environmental crisis, we are expected, and are experiencing, more water-related disasters. However, unlike fire and earthquake, there are no extensive training being done for aquatic disasters. We aim to spread our aquatic disaster program so that everyone can be ready when faced with such incidents.
  2. Cultivating aquatic disaster professionals
    We haved Clothed Swimming Trainer program, as well as On-Land Aquatic Disaster Trainer. These two professional programs aim to spread correct knowledge and provide professional training programs in all parts of the world.

Professional Trainer Programs

Who is eligible for the Professional Trainer Programs (Clothed Swimming Trainer / On-Land Aquatic Disaster Trainer) ?

Anybody who is older than 16 years old.

Are these programs national programs?

No. These programs are private programs.

Sponsorship and Support

What are "supporters" ?

Companies, organizations, and individuals who officially suppors Power Stroke.